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Our Executive Presence Process (ExPro) makes you the very best version of yourself. It enhances what is already there and ensures you are recognised, respected, taken note of, heard, and can achieve your goals. We tailor our process to work best for you.
For Individuals

Executive Presence is a personal developmental journey that increases awareness of yourself and others, gives you time to reflect, and encourages new thinking. Everyone’s executive presence is unique to them – that's why your ExPro is authentic and appropriate to you, your life, and to aspirations. For the best and long-lasting results, we work at your own pace, which means any adjustments you need to make become natural over time. We work with you, and for you. We advise, counsel, listen, mentor, coach, challenge, support, and so  much more. 

For Teams
Project Meeting

We work with teams as a whole, and each member individually, to help them develop a strong executive presence that ensures they are credible, respected and valued.


We know that perceptions of each other and of the overall team can affect communication, cooperation and collaboration. It impacts on the team dynamic, relationships, performance and outcomes ­– it also has an external impact.

For Groups
Business Meeting throught the Window

Our work with groups is appropriate for men and women at all levels and in any sector – they don’t have to be part of the same team. Our approach takes the same logical sequence as our successful ExPro for individuals, but we offer different options for delivery:

  • Fireside chat

  • Seminar

  • Workshop 

  • Masterclass

  • Keynote

  • Roundtable discussion

  • Multi-modular leadership course

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