Enhancing today’s leaders and those of tomorrow
Executive Presence Optimisation (ExPO)

A personal development programme.

Taking the best to be the exceptional.

Increases your impact, influence, gravitas, visibility.

Gets you noticed, heard, respected, remembered.

Maximises your opportunities & outcomes.

Builds your relationship capital.

Fast-tracks your career.

A Positive Presence achieves personal power

About Us
The Executive Presence experts

25 years ago, Laurel Herman spotted the X-factor, the mystical magic quality that made some stand high above others. They effortlessly attracted people and attention, commanded space and fast-tracked success.

She intuitively knew how to help others develop this too and founded Positive Presence to do so.

We speedily gained recognition as a smart consultancy and a leader in the field with a prestigious client list as testimony to our success.

Laurel still leads our team of hand-picked specialists in all aspects of personal and professional effectiveness. Their combined expertise, experience and wisdom provides a range of consultancy fit for today's working world - and tomorrow’s too.

Laurel's personal values are integral to our work, our team and our brand.
Integrity. Honesty. Sensitivity. Authenticity. Empathy.

ExPO is our purpose and our passion
a commensurate professional, with outstanding knowledge in her fields of expertise an amazing personal presence an inspirational leader and role model

What We Do
Executive Presence Optimisation (ExPO)

ExPO (Executive Presence Optimisation)

Makes you the best you can be

With intelligence, insight and integrity we take you ...

from here

  • Rarely noticed
  • Not very visible
  • Not taken seriously
  • Not really heard
  • Not getting 'there'

to here

  • Recognised
  • Noted
  • Respected
  • Reacted to
  • ...Surpassing
ExPO brings out what’s there already and then makes it the best it can be

Who For
Positive Presence is the smart consultancy for smart people

With a smart approach

You become your own unique Positive Presence, not a stereotypical version, but one true to yourself and your values.
You get noticed, heard, respected and remembered, able to inspire, impact and influence others.

With a smart process

Your Presence is a decision made by others based on their image of you. It's formed from all they see and hear.
We optimise each individual facet of how you look, sound and behave, then curate them collectively and appropriately so you always make the right impression.

ExPO takes smart people to become exceptional people

ExPO Options
For individuals and for groups

Whether for individuals, groups or teams, the ExPO process follows the same logical sequence, its effectiveness well proven by so many confident, successful Positive Presence alumni across the Globe.


  • ExPO is a personal developmental journey through increased awareness of yourself and others, reflection and new thinking.

    We all have a presence, our own Presence.

    It is unique, our very own, our identity, our ‘brand’.

    Similarly, when becoming a Positive Presence, it needs to be your own version too - authentic and appropriate to you, your life ... and to your aspirations.

    For the best and long-lasting results, we work at your own pace so any adjustments become natural and personally-authentic over time.

    Always relevant and focussed on you, we work with you, and for you.

    Informing, advising, counselling, listening, mentoring, reflecting, coaching, challenging, and supporting.

    Whatever is needed when it's needed.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor can you be as a powerful Positive Presence
    ...It's significant results made this a life changing experience...
    - Donna Hopkins, Lawyer, Eversheds
    ...invaluable in taking me on my journey to success...
    - Jo Weaver, Transformation Director, Lloyds Register
    ...I got the promotion I was wanting at the time due to the wonderful advice...
    - Shmuel Bulka, GC USA, Refinitiv
    ...played a key part in my ability to build my career in international business...
    - Kevin Rodia, VP, Thomson Reuters
  • The team as a whole, and each member individually, need strong Executive Presence to be credible, respected and valued.

    The perception of each other and of the team as a whole affects communication, cooperation and collaboration. It inevitably impacts on the inter-team dynamic, relationships, performance and outcomes - and externally.

    With the need for diversity, inclusion and equity, the challenges have significantly increased too.

    A pleasure and an experience that was both rewarding and enjoyable. Laurel won every member around and now all have great enthusiasm for Positive Presence with results clear to see.
    - David Anderson Head of Content Mgt, (Americas) Thomson Reuters
    Positive Presence supported several candidates preparing for significant career milestones - and with 100% success!.....
    - Robert Bryant, Partner, Deloitte Digital
    You brought deep insight to the leadership team which has helped us to have even more impact now and in the future.
    - Paul Marshall, Group Internal Audit Director, Old mutual
  • Options

    • fireside chat
    • seminar
    • workshop
    • masterclass
    • keynote
    • round table discussion
    • multi-modular leadership course

    Appropriate for men and women at all levels and in any sector

    Follows the same logical sequence as our successful ExPO for individuals

    Headlines key messages and gives d-i-y takeaway tools

    High degree of audience participation

    Always contextual and relevant to participants

    An amazing session - plenty of examples, food for thoughts, stimulating debates and hints on how to develop presence and what to focus on

    Thought provoking. Mind opening. Inspiring. Motivating.
    The response to the session was overwhelmingly positive.
    - Philana Quick, US Embassy
    The best session I attended at the conference.
    - Alma Kuceira, KM Mgr, HP Enterprise
    Everybody found it very interesting & thought provoking, and without exception took something useful away from it.
    - Andrew Hunt, Partner Smith & Williamson
    An amazing session - plenty of examples, food for thoughts, stimulating debates and hints on how to develop presence and what to focus on.
    - Andreea Voinea, Grp HR Director, Commercial Bank of Romania
Empowering.   Enlightening.   Enriching.   Enjoyable.

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There’s no point being present unless you're positively present